Meet Our Team!

Arav Dhoot


Someone who has achieved the perfect balance between his academic pursuits and extracurricular endeavours, the living embodiment of versatility. Neerja Modi’s very own Arav Dhoot will be providing us with insights on the functioning of his device: Comforce. 

Being a computer science enthusiast, Arav is proficient at coding and has designed the first device that can perform the quality and maturity analysis of compost at the same time. His dedication accompanied by his dexterity resulted in the honour that is 10 A*s in his IGCSE board examinations.  Everything from his exceptional debating skills that place him amongst the top debaters in India to his remarkable football abilities, are worthy of admiration and recognition.

Arjun Dogra


If we were to describe Arjun in one single word, it would be “Sportastic” maestro. With a remarkable ability to connect with people on multiple levels, Arjun stands out as a beacon of inspiration, empowerment, and transformation.

His love of football runs deep, and every game becomes a canvas for his artistry, with every kick and dribble telling a story of determination and skill. Throughout his life, he has demonstrated an uncanny ability to excel in various fields and challenges that have come his way. From academic achievements to professional milestones, Arjun has consistently pushed boundaries and surpassed expectations. His adaptable nature and willingness to embrace new experiences have allowed him to master a wide range of subjects and skills, making him a true Renaissance individual.

Tanak Shyamdasani


One of the most elegant, charismatic and Tanak Shyamdasani as well! Tanak is the most soft-spoken person you will see. If somebody had to describe Tanak in one word it would be a girl with a “kind heart” and someone who is always ready to help others. 

She has charming features and attractive eyes, and her amazing dance as well as art! Well, it’s true “Dance ek art hai art” Her admiring human nature will make you like her in seconds not even kidding! The one thing you should learn from Tanak is the way she handles herself socially and how she changes her personality in front of different people. It’s just WOW. The way she lights up the room is just astonishing and craz

Jaiditya Singh Shekhawat


Jaiditya is an exceptional writer with a profound passion for documenting stories, ideas, and experiences. A dedicated individual known for fostering connections and building communities, Jaiditya thrives on socializing with people. 

Jaiditya is a dynamic individual who exudes a genuine love for the world of economics. With a knack for translating complex concepts into relatable insights, He is a driving force in promoting economic awareness and empowerment within their community. With a genuine passion for helping others, Jaiditya brings a unique blend of kindness, diligence, and creativity to any team. His dedication and commitment serve as a constant source of inspiration for his peers. Outside of work, his zest for life is evident in his hobbies and interests. A voracious consumer of pop culture, he enjoys exploring movies, music, literature, and art from various eras and genres.

Preksha Sarda


Preksha Sarda is an 11th standard student who loves to learn new things and explore different fields of knowledge. She has a special interest in physics and website design.

She finds physics fascinating because it reveals the secrets of the universe. She likes to read books by famous physicists like Stephen Hawking, Brian Greene, and Neil deGrasse Tyson. They explain complex concepts in a simple and fun way. She also enjoys watching sci-fi movies and TV shows like Interstellar, The Martian, and The Big Bang Theory. They are entertaining and sometimes educational. She also likes to design and edit websites. She thinks it’s a creative and useful skill that can help her express herself and share her ideas with others. She knows how to use HTML, C , JavaScript, WordPress, and Adobe Photoshop. She learned them from online courses and tutorials. She also looks at some examples of websites that inspire her and tries to recreate them or improve them. She is always curious, creative, and optimistic. She likes to challenge herself and learn new things. She hopes to combine her passion for physics and website design in the future. Maybe she can create websites that teach physics or showcase physics experiments. That would be awesome! Thank you for reading her profile.

Mihika Sogani


Life of the party, fun-loving or winsome? How can one describe Mihika? Someone who is filled with so much life, whose face is always lit with the most radiant smile, and someone who is always there to buoy you up. With the most exuberant personality,

Mihika never fails to make people’s day special, she is the perfect example of “beauty with brains” as her allegiance towards academics as well as extracurriculars is equally incredible. Her versatile and ‘easy to talk to’ nature is what makes her special but you should also be aware of her occasional mood swings, endless dramas, her fear of lizards, and peculiarity about her short “straightened hair” as well as her fancy stationery box. Well, Mihika can always transform the most dull times into the best ones.

Vani Lunavat


Vani Lunawat is a vivacious and multifaceted individual, she is socially vibrant whose love for movies adds an extra dimension to her dynamic personality. 

Alongside her passion for economics, basketball and dance, writing holds a special place in her heart. On the court, she displays skill and dedication, embracing her extremely competitive nature. Dance and writing act as her creative outlet to express her artistic and intellectual insights. Vani’s diverse interests blends seamlessly, and with her boundless enthusiasm and versatility she embraces her own diverse pursuits with fervour.

Hitishaa Goyal


Hitishaa Goyal is a dedicated Grade 11 student with a fervent enthusiasm for public policy, particularly in the realms of gender and education.

Eager to drive meaningful change, she aspires to leave a positive impact on society through her passion. Alongside her academic pursuits, Hitishaa has established herself as an adept debater, representing Team India on the global stage. She has earned recognition as the 2nd best speaker internationally at the World Schools Debating Championship, a testament to her exceptional talent and dedication.

Jhankaar Purohit


Jhankaar is passionate about all things art; she loves writing, singing, and  dissecting songs, books and films in search of their deeper meaning. 

Often being described as multitalented, she is also an excellent debater and public speaker who has achieved many milestones both nationally and internationally. She strongly believes in compassion, empathy, and nurturing the right values within oneself. This, along with her engaging tone, flawless communication, and passion for sharing well-analysed ideas, makes her the perfect choice for hosting the TedXYouth@NMS 2023 event!

Anvi Sacheti


Anvi takes immense pleasure in exploring new hobbies, passions and interests. As a voracious reader, she find solace in the captivating world of literature, immersing myself in the imaginative realms crafted by talented authors.

 Moreover, she absolutely adore singing, playing violin and listening to songs.  Watching tv series and movies is something that she deeply and truly enjoy and relish. As for her aspirations, she would love to expand her horizons in the field of economics in the future. She is impeccably interested in how the world works, and how we as stakeholders impact the economy in various ways.

Pranit Bawri


Pranit Bawri is a dynamic individual whose heart beats for mathematics, community engagement, and helping others.

With an insatiable curiosity and a knack for numbers, Pranit is a passionate mathematician who finds joy in unraveling the intricacies of mathematical concepts and applications. Beyond the realm of numbers, Pranit’s warmth and social prowess make them a treasured friend, collaborator, and mentor to many. In a world where mathematical brilliance meets unwavering kindness, Pranit Bawri stands as a shining example of the positive impact one individual can make through their passion for learning, social connections, and helping others.

Prateeti Jain


if someone were to write Prateeti’s  biography, it would definitely include her immeasurable love for her friends. 

Prateeti is a remarkable individual whose creative prowess knows no bounds, and whose heart shines with an unwavering kindness that touches the lives of everyone she encounters. As a gifted designer and a genuine, empathetic soul, Prateeti’s work reflects not only her exceptional talent but also her deep-rooted commitment to making the world a more beautiful and compassionate place. With an innate ability to blend artistic ingenuity with a caring nature, Prateeti is a true embodiment of creativity and empathy. Her designs breathe life into her passions and principles, reflecting a harmonious fusion of aesthetics and humanity.

Mehar Sharma


 Mehar a 16-year-old studying humanities with a strong passion for design as well as pastry.

In August 2020, she embarked on an exciting journey by starting a home bakery by the name “Mehar’s Bakery,” which allowed her to combine her love for baking with artistic flair for design and presentation. Apart from baking venture, She finds immense joy in actively participating in school’s film-making society, which works under INTACH Filmit, where she have been a dedicated member for four years now. Her initial interest in learning the art of filmmaking has evolved into a fulfilling experience of helping and mentoring juniors, which not only brings joy but also enhances her learning. She believes that pursuing a career in design will allow her to blend her passion for art with innovative ideas, creating unique and meaningful experiences for others.

Anant Kasliwal


Anant is very definitely described as being enthusiastic. He is a devoted minecraft player. Additionally, he enjoys academic pursuits and is a genius at chess.

He would be the first one to offer assistance when someone is in need. Although he may appear to be a nerd, he is actually an adventurous person who enjoys experiencing new things. If you know him, you would definitely enjoy listening to hip pop and binge-watching F1 racing and weird chemistry videos. He is a fantastic chef and someday may even surpass Gordan Ramsey in the art of making pasta.

Varnita Jain


A“Black is always elegant; it is the most complete colour in the world, made of all the colours in the palette”-Ricardo Tisci, This quote best describes Varnita.

Whether it’s the upbeat rhythms that set their spirit dancing or the profound emotions that tug at their heartstrings, every track becomes an enchanting journey of feelings for this devoted admirer. Her love for black is like a canvas bathed in the depths of the night; black holds an irresistible fascination for our subject. Just as an artist uses black to create contrasts and bring vibrancy to their work, this individual finds a sense of empowerment and strength in the shades of darkness. But it doesn’t end there—Varnita has an artistic prowess that leaves onlookers spellbound. Their skill in drawing is nothing short of remarkable, capturing the world in a symphony of lines and shapes. From intricate pen and ink illustrations to vivid charcoal portraits, their artwork showcases an innate ability to breathe life into their creations.

Palishhka Sonkiya


‘Determined’ is the one word I would use to describe Palishhka as she is dedicated to her academics, to helping others and to maintaining a worklife balance. 

Palishhka, an academically accomplished individual, is wholeheartedly dedicated to her studies and determined to excel in her academic pursuits. Alongside her commitment to education, she finds solace and balance through her passion for playing badminton. This extracurricular pursuit not only keeps her physically active but also contributes to a harmonious integration of her academic and personal life. Politeness and approachability are hallmarks of Palishhka’s character, making her a standout personality. Her infectious energy is a shared trait with her positive and enthusiastic demeanor. This vibrant attitude serves as a wellspring of inspiration for those around her. Palishhka’s cheerful and joyful disposition is a constant source of positivity, capable of uplifting the spirits of everyone she interacts with.

Hannah Kachhawaha


In the realm of creativity, where innovation and imagination converge, stands Hannah, a passionate creative force driven by the desire to make a meaningful impact. 

As a dedicated volunteer on the TEDx design team, Hannah brings forth a unique blend of artistic prowess, strategic thinking, and a genuine commitment to fostering ideas that inspire change. With an inherent flair for creativity from a young age, Hannah has always seen the world as a canvas of endless possibilities. Their journey as a creative individual has been marked by a thirst for exploration across diverse artistic domains. From graphic design that captures attention to thought-provoking written pieces that ignite introspection, Hannah has consistently pushed boundaries to create works that resonate deeply. What sets Hannah apart is their remarkable ability to blend artistry with strategy. As a vital member of the TEDx design team, Hannah effortlessly navigates the delicate balance between visual appeal and communication efficacy.

Invena Daima


Invena, a person like her would be best described as the embodiment of vibrant energy and the life of every party. 

With her infectious enthusiasm and undeniable charisma, she effortlessly takes any gathering from mundane to magnificent. Invena’s love for music and dance is like a heartbeat that resonates through every corner of the room. Invena can be also considered a  social butterfly with a genuine interest in people. Her conversations are as dynamic as her dance moves, flitting from deep discussions about life’s intricacies to lighthearted banter about the latest trends. A person who makes u feel comfortable around herself and her energy, always ready to help and bond with new people who seem nice, Another major thing in Invena would be her love for food, she loves eating food she loves and also taking the risks of trying new dishes. 

Nikunj Garg


Nikunj garg , an 11th-grade student, is a dynamic and motivated individual. With an insatiable curiosity and a friendly demeanor, nikunj is well-liked 

by peers and teachers alike. Academically, he consistently strives for excellence, actively participating in class discussions and demonstrating a strong grasp of complex concepts. Nikunj’s passion for technology is evident, as he frequently engages in coding projects and eagerly explores the latest advancements in the field. Outside the classroom, he’s a dedicated member of the school’s buisness club, showcasing his collaborative spirit and problem-solving skills. With his inquisitive mind and knack for innovation, Nikunj is undoubtedly a bright presence in his class.

Manjari Karora


Meet Manjari, a 16-year old passionate student with a diverse range of interests and a drive for positive change. Psychology captivates her, as she is intrigued by the intricacies of human behavior and emotions. 

Besides this, an avid enthusiast of photography and videography, Manjari finds solace in capturing life’s moments through her lens. She’s been part of the Filmit team where she’s honed her skills in visual storytelling. Writing also holds a special place in her heart as she crafts engaging articles that resonate with readers. Manjari is also one of the founders of Project Amaya, an organisation working towards ending period poverty and the stigma surrounding menstrual health, merging my passions with social impact. With a deep appreciation for the art of cinema, she often finds herself immersed in movies. She is also someone who’s ever ready for all-things adventure and her knowledge of current pop culture trends adds flair to their conversations. Beneath her classic Cancerian and girl-next-door persona lies someone who maintains a deep emotional connection with the world around her, always extending a hand to those in need and making her the best confidant.

Nandika Maurya


Nandika Maurya, a design student having a really keen interest in learning about the intricate details of artwork and “people”. She is an outstanding “art lover”, being a avid painter herself.

Moreover, Nandika’s absolute love for painting and contemporary dancing is commendable. Her friendly nature is something which cannot be described in few words, her pursuit of life is inspiring as it can be. Speaking of passion, she is a nature-oriented person. She strongly believes in the universal phenomena that “we need nature more than nature needs us, likewise, nature can exist without us, but humans can’t exist without nature”. It’s unforeseen beauty of connecting to the essence, acts as the key to her happiness. Either dark or bright this creation never fails to shine brighter.

Manaswani Choudhary


Meet Manaswani, a vibrant soul with a deep love for various pursuits. Her passion for dance is evident as she gracefully moves to the rhythm, 

expressing herself through movement. When not dancing, she cherishes quality sleep and finds solace in the harmonies of music. An avid baker and artist, she explores creativity in the kitchen and on canvas. Social and outgoing, Manaswani enjoys hanging out with friends, but also values “me time” and treasured moments with family. Moreover, her affection for dogs brightens her days, as she finds joy and comfort in their playful company.

Prakhar Shokeen


Prakhar Shokeen is a multi-faceted individual with a passion for diverse interests. A dedicated gym enthusiast, he maintains a healthy lifestyle while 

honing his photography skills, capturing life’s moments through his lens. When not behind the camera, you’ll find him engrossed in the virtual world of video games, indulging in thrilling adventures. Additionally, Prakhar finds solace in the world of books, where he immerses himself in captivating stories and limitless knowledge. A dynamic personality, Prakhar strikes a perfect balance between physical fitness, artistic expression, and intellectual pursuits.

Aarav Jain


 Aarav has demonstrated exceptional aptitude in the fields of Economics and Business Management. His passion for understanding the complexities of the global economy and the intricacies of business operations is commendable.

Motivated by his love for Economics and Business Management, Aarav aspires to carve a path that allows him to make a significant impact in the business world. With visions of becoming a dynamic leader, he aims to guide organizations towards success through innovative strategies and responsible decision-making. Beyond academics, Aarav finds great enjoyment in sports. Football and cricket rank among his favorite games, providing him with a sense of excitement and a platform to nurture qualities such as teamwork, perseverance, and sportsmanship.

Sambhav Dhandhia


Sambhav is a kind of person who “practices like he has never won, but plays like he has never lost”.

Hardworking, clever and straightforward are the words that can describe him. He csn make you sway into a different tune by brilliantly playing his guitar, or can make you awestruck with his almost-perfect tennis plays. He’s the kind of person who never quits and never stops working. His motivation- simply trying to be the best.

Yash Singh


Yash Singh is a talented and enthusiastic 16-year-old with a passion for various pursuits. As an avid quizzer and debater, he constantly challenges himself to expand his knowledge and sharpen his critical thinking skills. 

Yash’s competitive spirit and love for learning have earned him recognition and accolades in numerous academic events. Beyond his academic interests, Yash is also an experienced sportsperson, excelling particularly in football. His dedication to the sport and natural athleticism make him a formidable player on the field. He not only enjoys playing football but also thrives in a team environment, building strong camaraderie with his teammates. His musical endeavours provide an artistic outlet and a way to express himself beyond words.


Shaurya Chandra


Meet Shaurya Chandra, a remarkable individual whose presence exudes confidence and reliability. With his unwavering commitment to punctuality, he stands as a shining example of dependability in every facet of his life

One of Shaurya’s standout attributes is his exceptional financial acumen. His mastery over matters of finance is truly commendable, as he navigates the intricate world of numbers and investments with finesse. As a confidant individual, Shaurya emanates an air of assurance and trustworthiness. People naturally gravitate towards him, seeking his counsel and companionship. He fosters an environment of open communication and support, making him a true confidant to those fortunate enough to know him.

Riya Chhabra


Meet Riya, a dynamic individual whose heart resonates with the vibrant beats of Bollywood songs. Riya’s world comes alive through the enchanting 

tunes that ignite her spirit and bring joy to her life. Beyond her love for music, Riya’s competitive streak shines brightly in all aspects of her life. Whether it’s in academics, sports, or personal pursuits, she embraces challenges with enthusiasm and a determination to excel. Her drive to be the best version of herself propels her forward, constantly seeking new heights to conquer. But amidst her competitive nature, two core values govern Riya’s actions – respect and integrity. She firmly believes that respect is the cornerstone of every relationship, and she treats others with empathy, kindness, and consideration. Her integrity is unshakable, as she upholds honesty and moral principles in every decision she makes, earning the trust and admiration of those around her. Apart from her passion for music and her deep-rooted values, Riya also unleashes her energetic spirit on the football field. The thrill of playing the sport fuels her enthusiasm, and she revels in the teamwork and camaraderie that comes with it. In Riya, you find an individual with a symphony of qualities – a music lover, a spirited competitor, a paragon of respect and integrity, a devoted family person, and a sports enthusiast.

Agastya Sharma


Agastya Sharma is a dynamic and versatile individual who brings a unique blend of qualities to any team he is a part of. 

With a passion for bodybuilding, a knack for persuasive debate, and an unwavering commitment to friendship, Agastya embodies a well-rounded and inspiring team member. Agastya thrives in collaborative settings, readily sharing his knowledge and ideas while respecting the contributions of others. He understands the importance of teamwork and actively contributes to group discussions, brainstorming sessions, and project planning. His open-mindedness and willingness to adapt make him an invaluable asset when tackling challenges as a team.

Rajveer Gambhir


Rajveer Ghambir embodies the spirit of a true sportsman and a wanderlust-filled explorer, all wrapped in an aura of humility and compassion.

With his unwavering commitment to football excellence, insatiable thirst for exploration, and a heart that radiates kindness, Rajveer is a remarkable individual who leaves a positive impact wherever he goes. Rajveer’s determination to continually improve and his relentless work ethic inspire his teammates and fans alike, reflecting his unyielding pursuit of excellence. Despite his remarkable achievements, Rajveer remains grounded and humble, always willing to acknowledge the contributions of his teammates and mentors.

Rishab Pungalia


Rishab, a young man of remarkable dynamism, exudes a captivating charm that effortlessly captivates people. Therefore, if I were to describe Rishab 

in one word, it would undoubtedly be “dynamic” His diverse interests and passions form a web of unique qualities that make him stand out from the crowd. A fervent football fan, Rishab’s eyes light up when the subject of football comes up. This love for the sport not only creates a strong sense of camaraderie among his teammates, but also reflects his tireless effort and competitive spirit. But don’t think that the football field is only where he excels. Few can match the grace and smoothness of his dance moves, which make him a standout performer on any dance floor. His agile steps and rhythmic finesse draw attention and leave spectators in awe of his natural talent. 

Sarvagya Tholia


Sarvagya is a force of nature, blending his fervor for football and the art of filmmaking into a dynamic persona that radiates positivity and charm.

His vibrant spirit, coupled with an infectious smile and a knack for engaging public speaking, creates an irresistible aura that captivates those around him. Sarvagya is not only a master of the football field and the world of filmmaking, but he also possesses an innate ability to create unforgettable moments of joy through dance and an uncanny talent for capturing attention with his eloquent speeches. In Sarvagya, the worlds of football, filmmaking, dance, and public speaking converge, resulting in a whirlwind of energy, creativity, and charisma. His ability to infuse joy into every endeavor, coupled with his versatile skills, paints a portrait of a remarkable individual poised to make a profound impact across multiple domains.

Yajvin Singhal


Yajvin is a multi-talented individual known for his exceptional problem-solving skills, creative thinking prowess, and his enchanting melodies on the guitar. 

With a passion for both analytical challenges and artistic expression, Yajvin seamlessly combines his diverse talents to bring a unique perspective to every endeavor. Yajvin is a testament to his multifaceted nature, where problem-solving, creative thinking, and music converge to create a dynamic and inspiring individual. His unwavering dedication to excellence and his ability to harmonize different aspects of his personality make him an exceptional and influential presence in any context he engages with.



Jagriti is an exemplary individual known for her exceptional punctuality, unwavering kindness, and exceptional listening skills. Her remarkable qualities make her an invaluable asset in both personal and professional spheres.

With a strong dedication to maintaining schedules, a heart brimming with compassion, and an attentive ear, Jagriti leaves a lasting impact on everyone she encounters. Her ability to leave a positive imprint on people’s lives, coupled with her contributions in both personal and professional contexts, make her an embodiment of the values of respect, empathy, and effective communication. Jagriti’s presence is a true gift to those fortunate enough to know her.

Samkit Jain


Samkit Jain is a multifaceted professional known for his exceptional confidence, persuasive communication skills, and remarkable improvisational abilities.

With a unique blend of confidence and adaptability, Samkit has consistently proven his prowess in effectively conveying ideas, engaging audiences, and finding innovative solutions in various situations. In summary, Samkit Jain is a confident, captivating communicator, and a resourceful improviser, making him a valuable asset in any setting. His ability to inspire, adapt, and connect with others sets him apart as a true leader and influencer.