Past Events

2022 - Innovation beyond imagination

Innovation has been the driving force behind the progress of human civilization, pushing boundaries, and reshaping the way we live, work, and interact. The theme “Innovation Beyond Imagination” captures the essence of our relentless pursuit of advancement and the remarkable strides we have taken in transforming ideas into reality. This theme celebrates the power of human creativity, the courage to challenge conventions, and the boundless potential of envisioning a future that transcends the limits of our imagination.

2021 - Reconstruction

What do Barack Obama, Rabindranath Tagore, you, and I share in common? We all started on some path. Did their journeys necessarily traverse The Road Not Taken? No. Did they fear the notion of changing course and starting anew? No. Human nature often seeks to circumvent additional hard work, therefore limiting our potential. To unlearn this approach, TEDxYouth@NMS brings to you – Reconstruction, where philosophies extend to all facets of life- from occupational approaches to life goals. We put forth a world where rebuilding that constructs from the ground is applauded and paradigm shifts are celebrated. After all, “You need to be the change you want to see in the world”.

2020 - Rising to the Challenge

TEDxYouth@NMS is an event hosted at Neerja Modi School, Jaipur. It is an intricate web of changemakers yearning to break the barriers of conformity. Its theme for 2020 is “Rising to the Challenge”.

This theme is aimed at raising awareness around pertinent issues and sharing innovative ideas that will turn the challenges of today into the solutions of the future. After all, one simply cannot grow without struggle.

In our event, we want to explore the different challenges that our species faces. The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.

2019 - Chain Reaction

Just as physics quotes, “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”, our everyday actions have plenty of consequences. These consequences have the ability to change, not just us as individuals but also the society we live in. Through this event, we hope to demonstrate the power of a single word that can create echoes loud enough to begin a change. This year’s event celebrates aspiring change-makers whose actions begin the ripple effect in this ocean full of change. We hope to commemorate the power of a single action. We hope to inspire young adults to take new actions. We hope to ignite the flames of change. We hope to initiate another chain reaction. We hope to commemorate the power of a single action. We hope to inspire young adults to take new actions. We hope to ignite the flames of change. We hope to initiate another chain reaction.

2018 - Creativity and Academia

TEDxYouth@NMS is a reputable platform that conveys life-changing notions in the form of exhilarating talks which have the ability to influence young minds greatly. It enables the audience to visualize beyond the ordinary, to take daunting risks in life, and most importantly, to sculpt a better future. Over the past three years, this event has staged iconic individuals who with their ideas and beliefs have shaped many a young malleable minds. This year’s theme, “Creativity and Academia” will unlock the innovative potential inherent in each one of us. Creativity exercises our intellect, enhancing every aspect of our mundane life. And the greatest tool for creativity in academia. Both go hand in hand in achieving greater success in life. If creativity was a body merely structured by the unimaginable, academia would be the backbone of these unstaged notions. Through this platform, we hope to reach out to young and potential minds to strive higher and give their creativity a push, as a famous quote by Albert Einstein suggests “Creativity is contagious, pass it on.”

2017 - A Spectrum of Ideas

A Spectrum of Ideas’, aspires to dive in-depth into the world of theories and philosophies, and aims to help modern youth comprehend the perspectives of the world. We hope, that through this event, we can spread the truth that life, truly, is a ‘spectrum’ on the whole.

2016 – The Next Chapter

Every person starts off their life with a blank canvas, an empty book, per entirely theirs to fill, with every color in the spectrum, every word in the dictionary at their disposal. At TEDxYouth@NMS, we firmly believe that people’s lives are collections of the stories they share, the jokes they crack, the experiences they glean, the anecdotes they cherish and so much more. Most importantly, it is the ideas that they hold dear and wish to spread that form an indispensable part of who they are. ‘The Next Chapter’ strives to condense precisely this into an indelible journey, a masterpiece of a story. As each of our eminent speakers guides you through the extraordinary story they have crafted, each adding scintilla of magic to our little chapter, we hope to transport you to a world of endless possibilities.

2015 – Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship is a way within which social individuals come out with innovative and beneficial solutions to the community’s most pressing social problems. Social entrepreneurs are ambitious and persistent and profit incurring is not their sole motive. Rather they offer new ideas for wide-scale social change.

With TEDxYouth@NMS coming up, blooming ideas would be served right at your doorstep where captivating speakers would draw your attention towards the core problems of the society which could be tackled creatively and efficiently. As the younger generation of today’s world, we need to dig deeper, enrich our skills and knowledge and make this world a better place for the entire human race.

So, this is the time for curiosity and for skepticism, openness, and for critical thinking, inspiration, and action! Therefore, take charge and make your mark!