Mr. Raghu Pratap Singh


Raghu Pratap Singh believes in an extremely progressive ideology- “The future of design is Culture” which he integrates with his out-of-the-box ideas to create some truly extraordinary projects.


His architecture firm, Tatvam, which was founded in 2020 focuses on incorporating nature into various ventures inorder to generate a sustainable, yet pragmatic environment. Raghu Pratap Singh’s work has been widely recogonized all around the world and he is impeccably passionate about building sustainable properties. 

Ms. Ishita Garg


 Exstemplar stands as a testament to Ishita’s dedication to bringing about positive change through grassroots initiatives and policy interventions.

Exstemplar, a non-profit organization with a mission to promote innovative and research-based STEM education in India in collaboration with the Government of India and Global Foundations. She holds a Master’s degree in International, Social, and Public Policy from the prestigious London School of Economics. Additionally, Ishita’s passion for making a difference has led to her being appointed as the Youth Ambassador for the Indian Subcontinent to Indonesia. 
Ms. Sasha Kumar
Sasha Believes that in order for society to function the way it ideally should, every individual Sasha believes that in order for society to function the way it ideally should, every individual should be capable of critical analysis and logical reasoning.

Exstemplar, a non-profit organization with a mission to promote innovative and research-based STEM education in India in collaboration with the Government of India and Global Foundations. An alumnus of Lady Sri Ram College for Women, Sasha is currently pursuing her degree in Law from Jindal Global Law school and is on a student exchange program at Fordham University, New York. She is a state-level swimmer with a passion for traveling & trekking. Her creativity and eye for detail is visible in the travel and food blogger.

Ms. Aditi Anuj


Aditi Anuj is a visionary creator and co-founder of Adigami. With a Masters degree in Textiles from the prestigious National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.




Aditi has seamlessly woven her childhood fascination with folding boats and planes into a remarkable lifelong career and passion: origami. As a patient and passionate instructor, Aditi imparts the art of origami to a diverse spectrum of individuals, embodying creativity and experimentation. Her ability to think out of the box and push boundaries has made her a sought-after name, collaborating with industry giants like Uber, Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Jockey, HSBC Bank, and Times of India. Notably, her contributions have even extended to the Netflix Series ‘Sacred Games’, showcasing her unparalleled artistic flair and ingenuity.

Ms. Kusum Lata Jain

An esteemed soical activist

 Ms. Kusum Lalita Jain is an esteemed social activist and an inspiring speaker dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of marginalized communities.

With a Master’s degree in Sociology and Public Administration, she possesses a profound understanding of social issues and community development. As the Secretary of Gram Bharti Samiti, she has been actively involved in various initiatives focused on empowering women and fostering entrepreneurship in rural areas.  A compassionate humanitarian, Ms. Jain has devoted her life to the service of the handicapped, as well as individuals affected by leprosy and HIV/AIDS. Her relentless efforts in providing care and support to those in need have garnered immense appreciation and recognition. She was honored with the prestigious ‘Women’s Creativity in Rural Life’ award by the Women’s World Summit Foundation in Geneva. This award serves as a testament to her relentless dedication in giving hope to the helpless and her outstanding work towards the welfare and upliftment of rural women. 

Ms. Gauri Gupta


Gauri Gupta, a 15-year-old social justice activist, is a grade 10 student from Mumbai. She is an innovator, artist, writer, and street photographer with a keen interest in exploring art, history, philosophy, and physics.

An IRIS Science Fair national finalist and Youth Ideathon winner for Social Entrepreneurship, Gauri is the founder of Art Ki Pathshala, which is a social organization that focuses on creating joyful learning experiences for students through the medium of art. To enrichen her passion and projects, Gauri has conducted extensive research on epistemology, existentialism, and utilitarianism and attempts to contextualize the teachings of John Stuart Mill and Rene Descartes through her activism.

Ms. Riya Golecha

FOUNDER OF kayakalp trust

Ria Golecha is  an experienced Life Sciences and Public Health Strategy Consultant and is currently working as a Project Coordinator at the Harvard School of Public Health

— India Research Center, wherein she collaborates with Harvard Faculty and project partners in India on health communication projects. However, outside work she runs a nonprofit organization – “Kayakalp Trust” – that provides support to puppeteers in West Delhi slums who don’t have access to resources. With having arranged more than 2000 muppet shows, Ria has received prestigious and notable awards such as the ‘Best Young Achiever Award’ by Global Action on Poverty and was also one among 120 students selected from India for the Young Leaders Program by Indian School of Business, Hyderabad.


Mr. Krishay Goyal


Krishay Goyal, a Grade 12 student at Neerja Modi School, is a devoted wildlife photographer. His journey through this passion has not only revealed nature’s beauty but also transformed his life in a captivating butterfly effect.


With a portfolio adored with exhibitions, handbooks, Instagram features, and newspaper spotlights, his photography leaves a profound impact. However, Krishay’s love for wildlife extends beyond the lens. Krishay rescues and rehabilitates over a thousand birds and species, even earning an internship as a rehabilitation head for a wildlife welfare organization as a nod to his dedication. A unique blend of passions, Krishay excels in both labs and playgrounds, yet his heart resides in the untamed wilderness, away from city life. A high achiever, he even scored in the 90s for CBSE 10th grade. Now excelling in IBDP Y-2 with Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics, Krishay secured top ranks in four subjects during IBDP Y-1.

Mr. Siddhart UR


UR Siddharth is an ingenious and proficient industrial and UX designer who works at Philips Innovation Campus in Chennai, India. He is also a laureate of numerous international design awards for his inventive and life-saving products.

 He has nurtured his interest in art, craft, model-making, and problem-solving since he was in Class 3. He aced the all-India 1st rank in the entrance exam to the National Institute of Design (NID) in Kurukshetra, Haryana, where he pursued product design. He has four patents pending and two designs registered by the IPR cell for his products ‘Survive’ and ‘Enable’. Survive is a device that can automate gastric irrigation, the process of cleansing the stomach in case of poisoning. Enable is a device that can assist people with hearing impairment to communicate better. He has bagged 85 international design awards, including the Lexus Design Award, the if Design Award, the Red Dot Award, and the Core 77 Design Award. He is also a Forbes India 30 Under 30 winner in the design category for 2023. He is passionate about creating impactful solutions for people and the planet through design thinking. He believes that design is not just about aesthetics, but also about functionality, usability, and sustainability. You can discover more about him and his work by visiting his website or his Behance profile.